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The Study of Ophthalmic Radiation Therapy Toxicity (SORTT) proposes a prospective international survey using eCancerCare software model, to prospectively track outcomes for patients after ophthalmic radiation therapy for three years. This data will support creation of several ophthalmic radiation side effects grading systems, and accumulate evidence about risks associated with currently used ophthalmic radiation modalities.
Study End Points
  • Correlate treatment details on patients 18 years of age or older with ophthalmic cancer who were treated with radiation, with radiation side effects and toxicity outcomes;
  • Develop new SORTT grading systems specific for ophthalmic radiation side effects and toxicity; 
  • Correlate SORTT grading systems with treatment/radiation modalities;
  • Develop preferred radiation practice patterns for treatment of ocular tumors that minimize ophthalmic toxicity.
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